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Drums of Courage

Thirteen year old Cory Cromwell from a small town 20 miles north of Philadelphia is angry about his deceased father, and frustrated by a school bully. He convinces his distraught, widowed mother to approve his joining the Union Army as a drummer boy. Cory discovers his nemesis, the bully, follows Cory into army life and continues to torment him. Cory soon learns that a far more serious foe is stalking him. A cat and mouse game emerges with Cory as the prey. A mysterious, dark soldier from his father’s past becomes an ever present danger to threaten Cory’s very survival. This fate combined with the mortal dangers of the battlefield put enormous pressure on Cory. Crushed by indecision and grief for the loss of a friend, Cory breaks down. With much soul searching, Cory begins to understand his father’s failings and hidden values. Cory pulls himself up with a renewed spirit only to meet the dark soldier in a final struggle for survival.

Beach Days

Beach Days are the award-winning stories from the 2015 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest, sponsored by Browseabout Books.

In 2015, the Judges' Award was awarded to Tim Linehan for the short story Chance Meeting.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Thank you!

Hannah Gould

In 1942 war-torn Poland, a Jewish family is murdered by the Nazis and Ukrainians, but fifteen-year-old Hannah Gould miraculously escapes. Alone and desperate, Hannah ultimately makes her way to a group of Jewish and Russian partisans between Poland and Russia. She is transformed from an innocent, sheltered Jewish girl from Warsaw to a cold killer in the forests of Belorussia. She meets kind strangers and sadistic enemies on her journey to discovering who she is. Her romantic encounter with a handsome Russian officer gives her hope for the future. But as the German noose is tightening, Hannah makes a daring move to save her group from sure death. Finally, the big Russian counter-offensive to drive the Germans back to Berlin is on. Hannah is mentally exhausted with nagging grief, even unable to cry. She joins the army advance, but struggles with what to do next. 

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